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    We cannot agree with this opinion, and in this chapter will explain how this happened. Wright believed the Bible was essentially historical, he followed Albrights lead and in 1946 wrote, It is generally believed that, since the account in Joshua is later, it is unreliable (1946: 105). However by 1975 the dating picture was changing, and Joe Seger, from a Palestinian perspective, suggests that the termination of the Middle Bronze age was more gradual and took nearly a century -- the end of MB coming as late as 1450 BC, instead of 1550 as Albright postulated (Hoffmeier 191).We hope that by using the diagram below while following in the text, that the dating problems will become clear. John Bimson published a full treatise in 1978 based on the presupposition that the Israelite Conquest signaled the end of the Middle Bronze period.God's Accounting System for Time is self-auditing; I've found and fixed several accounting errors scholars make, due to its self-auditing feature.So more on the Exodus-related dates is thus in Mirroring.htm, for ALL dates in Bible are related to the Exodus, both before and after it; the underlying 1050 'houses' of Time Accounting and their many subcomponents are also explained in His article, however, primarily critiques a 1312 BCE Exodus date (found in the Rabbinical Seder Olam Rabbah) espoused by Jonathan Adler, "Dating the Exodus: A New Perspective." pp. He was also aware that the Hyksos Expulsion associated with Pharaoh Ahmose I was a mid 16th century BCE event and that almost 100 years separated the Hyksos expulsion from the 1446 BCE Exodus date, and that because of this discrepancy, some scholars had rejected the Exodus as being a Hyksos Expulsion. Jacobovici was also apparently _unaware_ that a number of scholars had come to the conclusion that the 1446 BCE date preserved in 1 Kings 6:1 appeared to be CONTRADICTED by internal data preserved in the books of Joshua, Judges, 1st and 2d Samuel and Kings (as well as Acts -22).44-51, in the journal Jewish Bible Quarterly 23 (1995). What Jacobovici _was not aware of_ was that the Catholic scholar Eusebius as preserved by Jerome fixed the Exodus at circa 1512 B. When this data was factored in with Solomon's 4th year (circa 966 BCE when the Jerusalem Temple was begun to be built), it yielded an Exodus falling in the reign of Ahmose I.| | H for Historical 'fit' from Joseph forward, #1: Hatshepsut's Barren Dilemma | | Chrono, H#2-4, backgrounder on Israel in Egypt | | H#5-6, Hat's Solution | | H#7-10, Hat's Precedenting Usurpation (using Moses) | | H#11-12, Moses under Hat thru her death | | H#13-15, Moses abdicates |  | H#16-17, 'other' Thutmose III comes to power |  | H#18-21, Amenhotep II | | H#22-end, Aftermath (decline of Egypt) | Apologies up front: the first few sections of this webpage are decidedly acerbic, for which I apologize.

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    One frequently reads that archaeological evidence contradicts the Bible, especially the Exodus and Conquest accounts.James Hoffmeier ended an article in Levant dealing with Egypt supposedly bringing the MB period to a close with this, The Egyptian textual evidence simply does not account for the widespread destruction of MB IIC Palestine.If southern Canaan was the epicenter of Egyptian military activity, as traditionally understood, we are at a loss to explain why there is no literary evidence to support this conclusion (Hoffmeier 1989: 190).Because of these _indisputable_ and well-documented "archaeological anomalies" some scholars understand that the Bible's Exodus account is _not_ an eyewitness account, they have suggested that it was written in a period when no one knew such sites were not in existence or were unoccupied and I concur.That question has been asked by scholars and answered.Mainstream scholarship understands Israel's settling of the Hill Country is Iron I, ca. Why then does the Bible's chronology have an Exodus "hundreds of years" earlier?The answer is very surprising and has been preserved for almost 2000 years in the writings of an Egyptian priest/historian called Manetho.C., just 12 years earlier than Jacobovici's circa 1500 B. the Hyksos Expulsion with the Exodus than Jacobovici's 1500 BCE Exodus date which was simply _his attempt_ to bring the 1446 BCE Exodus "somewhat closer in time" to Ahmose I and the Hyksos Expulsion.My below article notes that a number of scholars, Josephus (79 AD?It is also a story which has not held up well under archaeological scrutiny.Citing a lack of evidence of sudden destruction at several key sites -- such as Jericho and Ai, neither of which appears to have been occupied at the time -- mainstream scholars for years have rejected the biblical description of a military conquest of Canaan (Sheler 2001: 440). Freedman had adopted the same position reiterating, The thirteenth century is now all but unanimously agreed upon as the date of the Exodus, both earlier and later centuries have been discarded, and it alone remains as both plausible and inevitable (190).For a synopsis on how God's Accounting System works in BIBLE, click here for brainout #6a.So you might want to read that first before reading this page. God Accounts the 1440BC date all the way back to Adam under His Accounting System, for God treats time like a balance sheet, principle of Dan-26; and, He tracks all the way forward to the present day with the same 490-year (non-intercalated) or 560-year (intercalated) benchmarks.We have established that the account was written not earlier than the 7th/6th century B. because some of the sites mentioned did not come into existence until that time frame. He probably did not realize that some of these sites did not exist or were abandoned at the time he "thought" the Exodus occurred (1512/1446 B. It thus follows that even if one could satisfactorily identify a chain of sites or ruin heaps or tells in existence by 7th/6th century B. extending from Egypt across the Sinai to the Negev and Canaan these sites still would _not_ constitute the "real" route of the Exodus as it would have been most probably the way to the land of the Philistines following the shore of the Mediterranean Sea because there were no Philistines to oppose Israel's Exodus and entry into Canaan in 1512/1446/1260 B. Besides the fact that the Bible (Old and New Testaments) in various books suggests for some scholars different dates for the Exodus, the single most important impediment in establishing a date for the Exodus is Archaeologists' failure to find a period when _all_ the sites mentioned in the narratives were in existence at the same moment in time.

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