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    Avant de continuer vous devez prendre connaissance et accepter les informations suivantes : - Je certifie avoir atteint l'âge de majorité légale tel que défini dans mon pays de résidence.

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    Select the Cheat Trophyn Interaction/Location: Advance 6 Hours.Set Skill level Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press Y, X, B, Z, Left during game play.

    All you can do now is wait and see if your house has been chosen!Friends and Lovers 3.1 - Love and Marriage 3.1.1 - Proposing 3.1.2 - Accepting/ Rejecting Proposals 3.2 - Moving In 3.3 - Babies 3.3.1 - Interactions 3.3.2 - Losing the Baby 3.4 - Children 3.4.1 - Losing the Child 3.5 - Neighbors 3.6 - Jealousy 4.Disasters and Failure States 4.1 - Floods 4.2 - Fires 4.3 - Starvation 4.4 - Electrocution 4.5 - Burglars 4.6 - Fights 5. Furnishing Your Home 6.1 - Basics First 6.2 - Losing Items 6.3 - Keeping It Clean PART B: WORKING -- Sucks, But Necessary ============================================== 7. Career Tracks 8.1 - Original Sims 8.2 - Livin' Large 8.3 - Unleashed Career Tracks 8.4 - Jobhopping 8.5 - Keeping/Losing One 9.THE SIMS - PC Walkthrough/FAQ by anduyn18 Current Version: 1.25 LATEST UPDATE: [August 10th, 2004] I just added a new section, 'Answered Questions', with some new bits.OLD UPDATE: [June 26th, 2004] This is the first version of this FAQ, begun on May 23rd, 2004, and finished on June 26th, 2004. ==================== | TABLE OF CONTENTS | ==================== PART A: BASICS -- The Soul of Your Sim ================== 1. Sim Needs 2.1 - Hunger 2.2 - Comfort 2.3 - Hygiene 2.4 - Bladder 2.5 - Energy 2.6 - Fun 2.7 - Social 2.8 - Room 3.Full motives Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press Up, X, Up, Right, Z during game play.Select the Cheat Trophy to access the option to fill all motives. All lots unlocked Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press X, Z, Left, X, Up, X during game play.Select the Cheat Trophyn Interaction/Location: Unlock/Unlock All Locations.Advance time by six hours Enable the Cheat Trophy coden press X, B, L, Up, Down during game play.You will begin your career as an Amateur Babysitter.Sims with the Nurturing Trait will have a better understanding when it comes to dealing with the ups and downs of childhood – and of course – those rebellious kids!This screenshot shows almost the exact the thing you'll see upon doing so, although there is one thing already displayed that isn't in the game.To have the UCP match the picture, click the white crystal in the top-right corner of the bars at the bottom.To place the Community Park, select the location you want on the map, change it to a community lot (if it isn’t already) and select the lot type Generations includes the Day Care career.

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      As long as there's been an Internet, people have used it to get action — from the ancient days of IRC to today's Twitter hookups. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project's online dating survey, the majority of actively dating Americans have tried to score online and approximately one out of three adults says they "know someone who has used a dating website." Last year alone, more than 17 million people attempted to cyberflirt their way to a love connection. In an article titled Sick, Single and Seeking Same, Newsweek's Julie Scelfo announced Prescription4"is becoming a go-to spot online where singletons who also happen to have diseases from hepatitis to herpes to irritable bowel syndrome can find love and companionship without having to worry about the big reveal." Traffic on these sites is low, but that's the point. Successful sites like Jewish singles' JDate and unmarried African Americans' Black People prove ethnic-specific dating sites have a market. When Mashable asked readers "Which social network is most likely to get you laid? Many offline communities such as high school and university alumni groups have an increasing number of online sites linking constituents.

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