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    This anniversary offers the gallery an opportunity to review their understanding of the apocryphal event of 1917 and its purported significance, a revision that the gallery’s publicity suggests is long over due, for the website entry perpetuates a myth long past its sell-by date.

    Whilst Duchamp’s all-pervasive influence on modern art practice is undeniable, there is however no evidence whatsoever that “his introduction of the Ready-made object shocked the art world of his day,” since none of the iconic Readymades that he designated between 19, in New York, were ever exhibited: all disappeared, with a single exception, a curry comb, which only emerged into the public domain with the installation of the Arensberg Collection in the 1950s: so much for shocking the art world.

    9 April 2017 will mark the centenary of what is commonly regarded as the most important event in twentieth century art history, the submission of a urinal to the first exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists in New York, in 1917.

    The National Gallery of Canada has long been applauded for its foresight in becoming in 1971 one of the first galleries in the world to acquire a set of replicas of Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades, authorised by the latter in 1964, including one of the most notorious works of art of the twentieth century, which the gallery website references as follows: Marcel Duchamp is one of the most influential and innovative avant-garde artists of the twentieth century.

    (Feature Film, 2002, dir: Spike Jonze) The Addams Family (TV Series, 1964, dir: Various) The Addams Family (Feature Film, 1991, dir: Barry Sonnenfeld) Addams Family Values (Feature Film, 1993, dir: Barry Sonnenfeld) The Adderall Diaries (Feature Film, 2015, dir: Pamela Romanowsky) Addicted (Feature Film, 2014, dir: Bille Woodruff) Addicted to Fresno (Feature Film, 2015, dir: Jamie Babbit) Addicted to Love (Feature Film, 1997, dir: Griffin Dunne) The Address (Documentary, 2014, dir: Ken Burns) Address Unknown (Feature Film, 2001, dir: Ki-duk Kim) Adios Sabata (Feature Film, 1971, dir: Frank Kramer) The Adjuster (Feature Film, 1991, dir: Atom Egoyan) The Adjustment Bureau (Feature Film, 2011, dir: George Nolfi) The Admiral (Feature Film, 2014, dir: Han-min Kim) Admission (Feature Film, 2013, dir: Paul Weitz) Admissions (Feature Film, 2004, dir: Melissa Painter) An Adolescent (Feature Film, 2001, dir: Eiji Okuda) Adopted (Feature Film, 2009, dir: Pauly Shore) Adoration (Feature Film, 2008, dir: Atom Egoyan) Adore (Feature Film, 2013, dir: Anne Fontaine) Adored (Feature Film, 2003, dir: Marco Filiberti) Adrift (Feature Film, 2009, dir: Chuyn Bui Thac) Adrift (Feature Film, 2009, dir: Heitor Dhalia) Adrift in Manhattan (Feature Film, 2007, dir: Alfredo De Villa) Adua and Her Friends (Feature Film, 1960, dir: Antonio Pietrangeli) Adult Beginners (Feature Film, 2014, dir: Ross Katz) Adult World (Feature Film, 2013, dir: Scott Coffey) The Adultress (Feature Film, 1953, dir: Marcel Carn) Advanced Style (Documentary, 2014, dir: Lina Plioplyte) Advantageous (Feature Film, 2015, dir: Jennifer Phang) Adventure (Documentary, 2010, dir: Hal Hartley) Adventure in Sahara (Feature Film, 1938, dir: D.An African-American painter, sculptor and performance artist, Hammons rose to prominence in the 1970s by addressing issues including race, sexuality and politics.His wide-ranging practice has seen him make prints using his own body, sell snowballs on the street and use basketballs to create drawings by repeatedly bouncing them against a piece of white paper.His introduction of the Ready-made object shocked the art world of his day, and created a decisive shift in the modern perception of what constitutes a piece of art.The artist created works such as Bicycle Wheel, Bottle Dryer, and Fountain referring to them as Ready-mades – ordinary objects that become elevated to the status of art through intellectual consideration.Following in the footsteps of his two older brothers, who were artists, he realized in first serious artworks in 1902.His brothers also taught him to play chess, which became a lifelong passion. (Feature Film, 1986, dir: Edward Zwick) About Schmidt (Feature Film, 2002, dir: Alexander Payne) About Time (Feature Film, 2013, dir: Richard Curtis) Above and Below (Documentary, 2015, dir: Nicolas Steiner) Above and Beyond (Documentary, 2014, dir: Roberta Grossman) Above Suspicion (TV Movie, 2009, dir: Christopher Menaul) Above Suspicion 2: The Red Dahlia (TV Series, 2010, dir: Various) Above Suspicion: Deadly Intent (TV Series, 2011, dir: Various) Above Suspicion: Silent Scream (TV Series, 2012, dir: Various) Above the Law (Feature Film, 1988, dir: Andrew Davis) Above the Rim (Feature Film, 1994, dir: Jeff Pollack) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Feature Film, 2012, dir: Timur Bekmambetov) Absence of Malice (Feature Film, 1981, dir: Sydney Pollack) Absentia (Feature Film, 2011, dir: Mike Flanagan) The Absent Minded Professor (Feature Film, 1961, dir: Robert Stevenson) Absolut Warhola (Documentary, 2001, dir: Stanislaw Mucha) Absolute Beginners (Feature Film, 1986, dir: Julien Temple) Absolute Hell (TV Movie, 1991, dir: Anthony Page) Absolute Power (Feature Film, 1997, dir: Clint Eastwood) Absolutely Fabulous (TV Series, 1992, dir: Various) Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (Feature Film, 2016, dir: Mandie Fletcher) Absurdistan (Feature Film, 2008, dir: Veit Helmer) Abuse of Weakness (Feature Film, 2013, dir: Catherine Breillat) The Abyss (Feature Film, 1989, dir: James Cameron) Acacia (Feature Film, 2003, dir: Ki-hyeong Park) Accattone! Phibes (Feature Film, 1971, dir: Robert Fuest) The Abominable Snowman (Feature Film, 1957, dir: Val Guest) About a Boy (Feature Film, 2002, dir: Chris Weitz / Paul Weitz) About Adam (Feature Film, 2000, dir: Gerard Stembridge) About Alex (Feature Film, 2014, dir: Jesse Zwick) About Cherry (Feature Film, 2012, dir: Stephen Elliott) About Elly (Feature Film, 2009, dir: Asghar Farhadi) About Last Night (Feature Film, 2014, dir: Steve Pink) About Last Night...And the very first replica of the lost Readymades to go on display was a bottle rack, at the Charles Ratton Gallery, in Paris, in 1936, nineteen years later: so much for shocking the art world of his day, in 1916.The rest had disappeared without ever being exhibited, and so had no effect: so much for shocking the art world of 1916, and creating a decisive shift in the modern perception of what constitutes a piece of art. Baxley) An Actor's Revenge (Feature Film, 1963, dir: Kon Ichikawa) Actress (Documentary, 2014, dir: Robert Greene) Acts of Worship (Feature Film, 2001, dir: Rosemary Rodriguez) Adam (Feature Film, 2009, dir: Max Mayer) Adam and Eve (Feature Film, 2005, dir: Jeff Kanew) Adam & Steve (Feature Film, 2005, dir: Craig Chester) Adam Bede (TV Movie, 1992, dir: Giles Foster) Adam Had Four Sons (Feature Film, 1941, dir: Gregory Ratoff) Adam Resurrected (Feature Film, 2008, dir: Paul Schrader) Adam's Apples (Feature Film, 2005, dir: Anders Thomas Jensen) The Adams Chronicles (Mini-Series, 1976, dir: Paul Bogart / James Cellan Jones) Adam's Rib (Feature Film, 1949, dir: George Cukor) Adaptation. Cassius Clay (Documentary, 1970, dir: Jim Jacobs) A. Ellis Frazier) Across the Pacific (Feature Film, 1942, dir: John Huston) Across the Universe (Feature Film, 2007, dir: Julie Taymor) Act of God (Documentary, 2009, dir: Jennifer Baichwal) The Act of Killing (Documentary, 2012, dir: Joshua Oppenheimer / Anonymous) The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes (Documentary, 1971, dir: Stan Brakhage) Act of Valor (Feature Film, 2012, dir: Mike Mc Coy / Scott Waugh) Act of Violence (Feature Film, 1948, dir: Fred Zinnemann) Action (TV Series, 1999, dir: Various) Action in the North Atlantic (Feature Film, 1943, dir: Lloyd Bacon) Action Jackson (Feature Film, 1988, dir: Craig R.POIDS : 750 à 1300 g ALIMENTATION : Poissons, serpents, escargots, grenouilles, crabes MENACES : Assèchement du milieu, pollution et braconnage (pour la médecine traditionnelle) ECO-GESTE : Au lieu d’utiliser les pesticides, nous pouvons privilégier la plantation de végétaux qui, naturellement, ont des effets répulsifs ou toxiques sur les insectes nuisibles.

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