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    Updating and refreshing a library both have to do with getting content into the library. Updating a Library makes the Plex Media Server check its folders and sub-folders for new or removed media. CES might have grabbed headlines for the past few days — but Verizon quietly made a few changes to its upgrade fee and two-year contract that will have a more immediate impact on new and existing customers. The struggle to establish full rights for all Americans would lead to a bloody Civil War (1861–1865) that abolished slavery, and a hundred years later the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr. With its new-found might and its native idealism, in the twentieth century America took a major role on the world stage as a defender of democracy in World War I, World War II, and the Cold War (which included the Korean and the Vietnam Wars).

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    The void filled by illicit sex is often , not physical.

    It happens when a connection forms outside of the relationship that begins to satisfy and validate unmet emotional needs.

    “The only difference is at a bar you actually see and talk to a person in the flesh.

    When you go on the Internet, you are getting a connection with a person in the machine.

    This is much more than dimmed lights and sexy music; tasteful, erotic images are projected onto the wall and an interesting looking 'gadget' (compliments of Q) magically appears from a secret compartment by the bed.

    Nothing actually happens and nothing is seen, but the sexual tension beats the living daylights out of other sexy films that leave nothing to the imagination.

    Readers — This report by Noah Pransky, my new Journalism Hero, is so well done and so shocking, I hope that it gets reposted throughout the blogosphere: (I have removed the video because it automatically starts playing anytime you go to my blog.) It details how men who go online to adult chat rooms and begin chats with people who say they are of legal age, then get entrapped as “sex offenders,” when the date bait “reveals” that she is actually underage.

    (I think that the date bait is, ironically, actually OF legal age, PRETENDING to be under age, “to catch a predator.”) The whole operation is so convoluted, creepy and calculated that it doesn’t seem to bear any relation to the stated intent of these stings, which is to protect the children who accidentally wander into these chat rooms and have no idea what they are stumbling into.

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    For many people, social media and virtual relationships provide a seemingly safe venue to share deep thoughts and feelings. The intriguing aspect of online communication is not necessarily the —how they feel.

    In our sex-obsessed culture, we tend to view intimacy as merely physical, and narrow its focus to sexual activity.

    This, however, is not an accurate picture of the power of intimacy to create and forge personal relationships.

    ’ Professor Denes wrote in an article for the university.

    To explore the relationship between hormones and communication decisions, she looked at what people talked about during PCTI as well as ‘one important variable [that] was likely influencing this whole process – orgasm.’ Both men and women experience a post-climax oxytocin surge but testosterone is believed to dampen the effects so that men typically fell less warm and fuzzy after sex.

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