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    Design Workshop simply turns CAD drawings into architectural renderings faster than any other 3D modeler available. done Protected 1 sectors Protected 1 sectors = reset U-Boot 2009.11.1 (Feb 05 2010 - ) CPU: AMCC Power PC 460EX Rev. It is human tendency to indulge in chatting during free time.

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    -for some reason belts were never loaded into the item stats, thanks for reporting wilfinger -should not crash anymore on invalid builds, only annoy you. here's the link POESkill Tree1.51I removed the config file again from the package.If you get a 407 proxy auth error, get it from the google code page-downloads. After Artificial Mind thought that it was too much work to redo all the annotations for the skill tree, i inherited his code base for the tool.You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

    Long story short: Features: -See All your Attribute bonuses including implicit bonuses from Str, Dex, Int and you level -load your equipment and see how all your bonuses stack up -load and save to the official Skillbuilder, (just copy the address to the textbox and click load, or copy the string after changing the build to share) -load from the unofficial Online skilltree What does't work: -Dps Calculation obviously, got a lot more complicated -The Attribute values you see are not multiplied by percentage bonuses exept the local defense mods on your equimpent (the % that are local on equip will not show up un the total Attribute list) If you don't like the grouping in the Passive or the All attributes tab, feel free to create a with your own filter.I have been googleing this for a few weeks with no real resolution.I am sure someone will mark this a duplicate, but I am not sure it really is, maybe I am just being too specific, anyway here goes.[Description of the issue]When viewing a weapon's description window, stats are based not on the currently selected party member, but on the party member in whose inventory the weapon is.[DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for]Example:1) Place a weapon in the inventory of one party member2) Equip a weapon of the same class in another party member's quick slot.3) Have the second party member selected in the inventory screen.4) View the description of the weapon you placed in the first party member's inventory.5) Click "Compare" in the description window.6) Notice that the weapon is "compared" with base stats shown as if it was equipped on the character in whose inventory the weapon is[Expected behaviour]I expected the selected party member's skills would have been used as a base for calculating the minimum-maximum weapon damage.A weapon's min-max damage should update according to which character is selected, not which character has the weapon in their inventory.-Fix aspect ratio clicking issue -pulled the Build manager from Corbomite, thanks for that, i only modified the ui slightly -allow https - 6 instead 5hp -fix graphics -hopefully fixed proxy errors -allow copy stats, although only Passive Attributes for now, item stats get a lot more difficult, also no csv yet because it gets nasty with stats that have more than one number -item loading now loads get-items, and also has a button that allows you to load any file from anywhere.-there is now a loading window to show "progress", nothing to see really, but at least it says loading.the content should look like this: what to filter 1, Groupname1 what to filter 2, Groupname2 what tp filter 3, Groupname1 or something like that.The First start will take a while because the tool will create a folder named Data where it will download stuff to from the path of exile website.These stats currently range from player kill counters, to specific monsters, or groups of certain creatures.For kill counters, the numbers displayed on the item will increase by 1 for each of the specified creatures a player kills while wielding that item.I am using angular in a node-webkit app that I am building.I have an api built in express and I am using Mongo DB () with Mongoose for the DB.Hello, API endpoint return values do not correspond to any item stats.

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