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    Beginning at midnight 30 October1921 -- when Joyce wrote the last words of Ulysses -- this chronolog has six months for the male/solar divinities (Hepheistos, Zeus, Saturn, Hermes, Mars, Phoebus) and six for the female/lunar divinities (Kupris, Juno, Athena, Hestia, Artemis, Demeter.) In this system, these words will appear on 8 Hestia 78 p.s. Sometimes, I use the Discordian calendar, which dates everything from the Original Snub and makes today 1 Bureaucracy 3165 y. As you can plainly see, we have 923 years to go until the next millenium (1001 p.s. 581 Islamic years (or 563 solar years) to 2001 millenium.U.) on the Poundian calendar, and 836 years to go to the next millenium (4001 y. A few other random calendars yield results like this: • Thelemic: present year 96. Why all the fuss, then, about the totally arbitrary Gregorian millenium? Women are turned off by men who show their physical interest on a first date. Men respond to women who show their physical interest in them on a first date.Or, women may see responsive men as eager to please, or even desperate,” Birnbaum said. Reciprocate when he kisses you at the end of the night.Perhaps, the researchers noted, women may view a responsive man as vulnerable and less dominant.” So there you have it, guys. Men respond to women based on how we feel around you. Also, thank you for taking the time to read this during work. Also if you’d like to take this opportunity to tell your female single co-workers about this blog, and ask them if they want to date me, I wouldn’t be mad. Fuck Eharmony.com, which I couldn’t believe was still available. Now the tricky thing about eharmony is, it takes two to tango.

    Across from the Veleno, working your way south to the windmill farmhouse, and all the way into Blanco. But any dark flippin bait like the Pit Boss or the Rage Craw will work up here.. Running the lake is no problem, but just look out for scattered hardwoods if you are out of the river channel. May 1, 2017: Happy May Day to all of you Spring lovers... There were a few folks out on the water, and they had mixed results. But I managed nine fish from ten till one and I headed back because I was tired of wind and so-so fishing.. And during the week, you won't have much competition down there either. My life doesn't seem to change much if I watch them or if I don't.. Anyway, it is hard to sit down in front of a computer without having the news of the day shoved up your ass.. It's hard to not see or hear what is going on in the world.. I would give ninety days notice, that we are suspending all immigration for two years.. In one year, I would close all but one base in South Korea. And when I was leaving, I would tell that sawed off, fat midget, little piece of shit psychopath dictator in North Korea that if we hear of one aggression to the south or in his general vicinity, we won't be invading his country, but we will be invading him.. And on the rest of the planet who really knows how many.. I'd get rid of half of the fleet of delivery vehicles.. Having babies as a way to make a living would come to a stop.. I would only take that long so we can get our shit out of the buildings.. And the savings to the country would be in-calculable.. And I hope you get to spend some time with family and friends, and give some thought to the events, circa day one A. If you are a non-believer, or a cult member, and you are still alive, then there is still a chance for you. What I do hear is that the river above us, and the Salado is a dirty son of a gun. TPWD has come up with a number (some seven months later) for damages caused by the fish kill behind the Veleno Bridge project. But PAW and the contractor are going to be working out some sort of settlement on damages, and some kind of reparations are to be made. The last few cloudy days have not been good for the fishing, with reports of fewer fish and smaller fish being the norm. Time on the water and persistence are the two best baits in your tackle box. The top of the lake is putting out numbers of fish, and some rocky points can have a shit ton of little bass on them. And one of them is the annual CAST (Catch A Special Thrill) event put on for special needs kids at Calaveras lake near San Antonio. It takes money to put these events on, (and which ones don't) and once again this year a guide auction is being held to raise funds to help offset expenses. Some off the dam and the rocky community holes around it.. We have been dealing with pre-fishermen all week and I am sure that I am not getting the entire story. And hopefully in a few days I'll be back to slinging bullshit.. Long gravel points and ledges have had scads of little fish on a lot of them. I am still typing with one hand, and have not fished in two weeks. And everybody that fishes a day or two has caught good to great numbers of fish. August 1, 2016: New research just out says that fishing is one of the most relaxing and mind healing activities that one can utilize to help cope with today's troubling times. And if the world is getting you down, you might just need a trip to Falcon to calm your frayed nerves.. It is just a shame that shit like that has to make it to light. I'd of liked to introduce Jim Jones to these Islamic bastards.. Do people in inner city shitholes want no policing? Lets just air drop in more guns and ammo every night and let them take care of themselves.. I did not feel like I was being singled out for driving down the sidewalk on two wheels.. Because I knew it was wrong, and if not wrong, I knew it was illegal.. Globalization as led to much of what we are seeing today.. And true to form, it is hot and windy as the giant high pressure that has camped out on top of us persists and continues to kick our ass.. The short version of this is that women like men who play it cool and that men like women who make them feel good – interesting, masculine, sexy, trusted (which is the central premise of my book Why He Disappeared.) “Men who perceive women to be interested in them rated the women as more feminine and sexually attractive.They also showed more interest in having long-term relationships with the responsive women than with the nonresponsive women.” I’ve never understood the “women playing hard to get” thing. If you think he’s cute, funny, and fascinating, chances are he’s going to want to spend more time with you.I am sure there are some fish in the Coyotes, but I have not check on them lately or heard from anyone that has fished them. So have baby brush hogs and that damn Plum Ol Monster.. Releases from Amistad have slowed substantially, while we are still letting out a bit more than we are getting. All of these boats made three trips at least, and the PAW boat with a big water tank made several trips as well, but did not run near as far as the speedier bass boats.. The catching is good, if you can find a time with bearable winds.. If you are actually working, instead of out protesting something you know nothing about.... The big fish that are being caught are still coming down south.. I had about four keepers out of the batch and maybe a two and a half pounder in the mix.. The boys from TPWD were in town today, delivering the first installment of Florida fingerlings this spring. You do realize that we we have twelve bases in South Korea, don't you.. I really do not think that he is too concerned with his people.. I would get rid of the IRS and go to some sort of consumption tax.. But you need to pull your head out of your ass and find the peace and joy of living daily with the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.. There is a lot of water passing through the lake right now, and it has the top of the lake looking like mud. I met with PAW and a couple of our county fathers yesterday to discuss options for disposal of said reparations, and whatever we do has to have a direct connection to fishing, or the improvement or enjoyment of same. I expect that to turn around quickly as the sun makes a re-appearance early next week. I ventured out on the water yesterday for the first time in thirty one days. Finding a pile of big fish has not been happening very often.. CAST is a national organization that provides opportunities for children to fish that may never have the opportunity at any other time. You may know Jim Behnken that guided here on Falcon for several years. And thanks to the generosity of several Falcon and Amistad guides, you can buy a guide for a day, and while you are fishing you can help a few kids Catch A Special Thrill. February 25, 2017: Another week of wind and weather.. And off a lot of hardwoods that were in pretty shallow water.. So taking this drug could possibly take you back in time, to where your thought processes were before you got some vagina.. A couple of weeks ago there were all kinds of protests going on at airports across the country.. We just had a bunch of guys come thru the store, and we sold em everything from big flukes, to square bills, to deep divers, to Rage Craws.. You won't find the fish so cooperative anywhere else in Texas.. Cause the fish are biting and you will quickly forget what's bothering you as you whack the crap out of a bunch of em.. And truth be told, Hillary probably had a hand on the back of Monica's head.. Today is supposed to be a day of protests and violence here in the USA. Mixing peoples of extremely different cultures and radically different views on religion and personal freedoms is a recipe for disaster.. And while a little breeze is a must this time of year.. We closed early yesterday, which is our norm on Sunday, and about the time I did I stood there staring at the boat.. I said screw it and went and took a nice early morning nap.. And there was less wind yesterday than there has been all week.. There were a lot of boats out yesterday though, as UCBC, SAPD, and the Laredo bass club were all in town. But if you will remember a few years back when we got to this level, there were lot of fish out in front of Coyote in those hardwoods. Amistad is now 33 feet low, and we are right in that same vicinity. TPWD put the last of our fingerlings in yesterday, with a final load of about 180,000. Last week of course we scattered the fish from La Perla and after talking to all involved I'll have to say that it went about as well as it could. As Colonel Potter would say, "There ain't enough o's in smooth," to describe the way the operation went. Remember the fish kill that occurred in the Veleno last year? The lake is still dropping, though it has slowed a bit.. I'd say that overall it could not have gone too much better.. So you can see that I am a real tournament threat.. Somewhere around 180,000 were spread out this afternoon on the top half of the lake. I would make it very plain to him that his life would be over very shortly after he started any shit.. You do realize that we have 179 bases/posts/stations in Germany.. The river channel is dirty all the way down to marker ten, and funky looking down to marker nine.. Speed is keeping the camp open into June this year if you want to go.. And we came up with a few options that could help out around here.. I am also involved in another project that could improve the fishing at Falcon. So if you are one that likes to fish the dam during high water traffic times, this is one of em.. Probably the longest stretch I have gone without fishing in thirty years.. This year the guide lineup here on Falcon includes Jim Edwards, Jay Grieshaw, John Adami, and James Bendele, aka Yours Truly.. If I was fishing right now I would put my boat in eight to ten feet of water and hit every rock and tree I saw.. Cause I know a whole lot of men who went crazy; lost their minds, fortunes, families, businesses and friends.. I think all men should start taking it immediately.. And that basically attests to what I have been saying. We had to deal with some wind this last weekend, but the wind does not bother the fish. But wind and rocks make for some good times, as long as you can duct tape yourself to your pedestal.. This place is so efficient that it almost runs itself... Between ordering stuff, stocking stuff, and selling stuff, there just ain't enough time to fish. I would like to apologize to the Democrats whose feelings I hurt the other day, when I was on a rant about Hillary and I said that they were dumb asses.. And the blowjob itself ain't what is pissing me off.. We will be holding our Thursday Workin' Mans tourney again this Thursday. Call for more info but know that you have to register here at FLT before you fish.. And our current president seems all the merrier watching the the races and religions more and more divided against one another.. I have not spoken to a lot of folks that fished yesterday, but on Saturday most everybody caught a shit load of fish.. Pound, beaten by rain and wind in his outdoor cage at Pisa, remembers a bit from Kung-fu-tse, who also knew hard times.I think a lot these days about Dao, the ideogram Ez translates as "the process," and which most Americans still spell old-style as Tao.You can’t proceed to the next awkward stage of eharmony until the other person responds back.So you send over your questions for stage 1 of 4 and then you have to wait for them to respond. But it’s fine, you don’t really care that this person hasn’t responded in a day or two because each day you get a new batch of matches hand picked by these computer gods as people that match you on 29 levels of compatibility. That’s always kind of awkward when you’re supposed to be “working”. You’re going to continue reading without telling any of your hot female co-workers? I had some other titles in work for this blog, but they just didn’t capture the essence of what I was trying to say. A “computer” matches you up based on “29 levels of compatibility”, which I’m fine with. Because you’re thinking, wow some super computer down at Eharmony headquarters is crunching vectors and differential equations just to find my perfect mate, and everyday you log in and see new matches, that you think are hand picked from the computer gods above. I mean, I feel bad if you’re at work right now reading this, and the biggest letters on your screen involve the words FUCK YOU. So after you completed their riddles and questions, you then can start receiving “matches”, hurray!You don’t even notice that she hasn’t responded because your distracted by the new excitement of these new matches.But then, you start realizing, wait a minute, no ones responding back to you.These went into the Tigers and I believe this puts us at about 425,000 for the year.. Well we have made some progress on what's going to be done as a peace offering on that. There is about three foot of water over the bridge rails here in the Veleno.. Except for me hitting a stump coming out of Hedieona and bending my prop shaft.. Yesterday I went to Sugar for the first time in a year.. We should be getting close to 500,000 before the next month or so is over. So that means I have fished nine days without fishing Falcon. Bass Champs is at Amistad this weekend, so I will imagine it will be a slow weekend around here. April 15, 2017: It's Easter weekend here in Zapata, and the natives are restless.. Last night we had a rogue thunderstorm pop up about three thirty, and it rained and hailed for about thirty minutes. But for now it is still hush-hush as details are being worked out.. We are scheduled for stocking of Florida fingerlings in late May or early June I hear, and we should be getting about 400,000 to 500,000, if things go well at the hatcheries and all go as planned. We are not going to have a good year class this go round.. I got back in from Picachos yesterday, and have not spoken to a lot of folks about what they have been doing here on Falcon. These guys were buying trick worms and Spot Remover type shakey heads.. I guess the big news is water levels and water movement. There was a big rain around Del Rio while I was gone.. They are also releasing about 7000 CFS out of Amistad. On Amistad, Ray Hanselman has donated a trip as well. My left hand is getting better, so maybe it won't be so long before I am back to filling your computer with more bullshit. But hell I'd probably say the same thing in August.. And pay particular attention to basket style hardwoods and thickets.. The only drawback is that it makes it hard for some folks to pee over the side of the boat.. There was an armada of boats down in front of the dam this weekend, and a lot of fish are being caught off the rip rap itself, and off the ledges and humps that are so famous out in front of the dam. And then there is time spent sitting in front of this computer, wasting time so I can waste some of yours.. My choice of words was poor, and I would like to withdraw the dumbass part and just say that they are ignorant. With so many people being so loose on what their definition of truth is, I can see how some folks may be confused, or otherwise disinformed of actual situations about real life happenings. But to quote Jules in Pulp Fiction, "That shit ain't the truth.."Of course when you have a president of the United States of America, say that a blowjob is not sex, I can see how some folks, maybe those that are ignorant, or disinformed, could get confused. It's the continual lying about everything, that goes on in politics.. She has a couple of good teachers, including her last boss.. Windblown rocky points, and there's not a lot of other kinds about now, held a lot of fish, and in those waters there were a lot of schooling fish. If you asked her if she uses cream in her coffee she'd probably lie about if just out of habit..

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