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    International dating sites have exploded with the advent of the Internet. At Cosmo, we're all about breaking the rules, so when the new book landed on our desks, we were inspired to launch our own investigation. There is one variable, however, that almost never feeds into the equation: whether you "gave it up" too soon. There's only one problem.…We hooked up on the first date.""If the moment feels right, and there's chemistry, why not sleep together? Everyone is welcome here as long as you abide by our simple rules.

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    When they are women, I can see how their bluntness and brutality about the guy can be useful to the game. Usually the women are so amazingly hot, the male dater couldn't care at all what her exes say.One major plus, is that every segment has a hot-tub scene with women in bikinis. They are also trying to convince their date why not to go on a second date with their "EX". Even though these are re-runs, you still get the witty and goofy antics of Jillian Barberie at her best. The twist is that their "EXes" are nearby watching and listening to everything going on.Driving on back roads in Texas in the middle of the night, reminiscent of every murder documentary ever, we became delusional and invented our own imaginary radio program, in which we were both the radio hosts, and we were both also the guest callers. Nothing brings you together like having nothing else in the world except the other person.And nothing will make you more motivated to get home and hang out with other people.2.

    When a random accident on the ski slope results in romance for one of the four close-knit friends, his lovelorn pals soon conclude that it was the stress of the event that helped to cement the instantaneous bond between the pair.Soon convinced that the surefire way to find love is to plan a series of risky dates in which chaos is the key ingredient, the four friends find their plan coming frustratingly close to fruition before cooking up an elaborate kidnapping ruse that's sure to result in true love.The only problem with the plan is that the "kidnappers" that the friends have hired are actually a pair of ex-cons with a devious plan all their own.I'm not sure if anyone ever enjoyed body painting, but it was always one of the cringe-worthy "ice-breaking" dates that two strangers were forced to go on in a given episode, along with skydiving, go-kart driving, and kite-flying.Body-painting companies must have really made bank during the reality dating boom.Dinner and a movie, walks through the park, bringing her flowers and a picnic on her lunch break—these are all great when the romance is new. To avoid getting stuck in a rut with date night, here are five “extreme” date ideas that will help spice things up.But for the couple who have made it to three years plus, getting creative with your dates is going to be a must. Some of them are as easy as signing up for a class, others are as challenging as jumping out of a plane.If you find yourself lying about your income and wearing much nicer shirts than you would normally sport, but still unbuttoning them a few extra buttons because you are a human beefcake, you are probably Joe Millionaire.For some weird reason, oversized vehicles were a big deal in the '00s: hummers, buses, and Tony Soprano's Escalade were all huge.In the end, the contestant opens a limo door to see if his/her date in inside.If their date is inside they get an all expense paid second date.If you love body paint, you are probably on a reality dating show -- or you are filming an , two shows with similar concepts and equally terrible names. Instead, you are getting a steady stream of burns, giggles, and insights like, "Reggie is obsessed with pornography and has deep-seated emotional issues." Sorry, hate it or love it, you are popular rapper The Game and you are on , this show aired on FOX.It was about a woman who had to pick from 20 men who all wore frightening masks, so that they would be judged by their character instead of their looks, and it was hosted by Monica Lewinsky because presumably Kato Kaelin was busy.How many dinners and a movie can you really handle? But all of these will be great ways to get closer, and will bring your relationship to a whole new level of exciting. Take a Road Trip to Nowhere If you’re the kind of person who gets super sad when a date is over, the “road trip date” is definitely a good, extreme date choice for you. Until it finally does, and by that time, you are totally ready for it.

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